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Academic Year Relation with Semester Version / With Effect From Prepared / Compiled by
2021-2022VIII1/5/2022Dr. G Narendra Goud
2021-2022II1/1/2022Mr. Ravi Sekhar
2021-2022VI1/1/2022Prepared by Dr. G. Sri Harsha
2021-2022V7/1/2021Prepared by Dr. G. SRI HARSHA
2021-2022VII6/1/2021Dr. G Narendra Goud
2021-2022I1/7/2021Mr. K Ravi Sekhar
2020-2021I06/06/20201ST YEAR SEM 1
2020-2021I06/06/20201ST YEAR 1ST SEM COS
2020-2021II06/06/20201ST YEAR SEM 2
2020-2021III06/06/20202ND YEAR SEM 1
2020-2021IV06/06/20202ND YEAR SEM 2
2020-2021V06/06/20203RD YEAR SEM 1
2020-2021VI06/06/20203RD YEAR SEM 2
2020-2021VII06/06/20204TH YEAR SEM 1
2020-2021VIII06/06/20204TH YEAR 2ND SEM
2018-2019Not Applicable09/01/2019T. Aditya
2018-2019Sem-VI09/01/2019T. Aditya
2018-2019Sem-V09/01/2019T. Aditya
2018-2019Sem-IV09/01/2019T. Aditya
2018-2019Sem-III09/01/2019T. Aditya
2018-2019Sem-II09/01/2019T. Aditya
2018-2019Sem-I09/01/2019T Aditya
2018-20194th year09/01/2019T. Aditya
2018-20194th year09/01/2019T. Aditya
2018-2019I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII09/01/2019PO Attainment
2018-2019I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII09/01/2019CO Attainment
2018-2019Sem-VIII09/01/2019Thimmaiah Gari Aditya
2018-2019Sem-VII09/01/2019Thimmaiah Gari Aditya
2018-2019Sem-VI09/01/2019Thimmaiah Gari Aditya
2018-2019Sem-V09/01/2019Thimmaiah Gari Aditya
2018-2019Sem-IV09/01/2019Thimmaiah Gari Aditya
2018-2019Sem-III09/01/2019Thimmaiah Gari Aditya
2018-2019Sem-II09/01/2019Thimmaiah Gari Aditya
2018-2019Sem-I09/01/2019Thimmaiah Gari Aditya
2019-2020VII06/06/2019Course Outcomes - B.E. VII Semester - 2019-20
2019-2020I06/06/2019Course Outcomes - B.E. I Semester 2019-20
2019-2020II06/06/2019Course Outcomes - B.E. II Semester - 2019-20
2019-2020III06/06/2019Course outcomes revised - B.E. III Semester - 2019-20
2019-2020III06/06/2019Course Outcomes - B.E. III Semester - 2019-20
2019-2020IV06/06/2019 Revised Course Outcomes - B.E. IV Semester- 2019-20
2019-2020IV06/06/2019Course Outcomes - B.E. IV Semester - 2019-20
2019-2020V06/06/2019Revised Course Outcomes - B.E. V. Semester- 2019-20
2019-2020V06/06/2019Course Outcomes - B.E. V Semester - 2019-20
2019-2020VI06/06/2019Revised Course outcomes - B.E. VI Semester - 2019-20
2019-2020VI06/06/2019Course Outcomes - B.E. VI Semester - 2019-20
2019-2020VIII06/06/2019Revised Course Outcomes - B.E. VIII Semester - 2019-20
2019-2020VIII06/06/2019Course Outcomes - B.E. VIII Semester - 2019-20
2019-2020I06/06/2019course outcome of odd Semester
2019-2020I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII06/06/2019PO Attainment
2019-2020I, III, V, VII06/06/2019Course Outcome 2019-2020 I semesters
2019-2020II, IV, VI, VIII06/06/2019course outcomes of even semester
2019-2020I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII06/06/2019CO Attainment 2019-20
2022-2023I7/4/2022I sem Course Objectives and out comes
2022-2023II1/16/2023Courtse Objectives & Outcomes
2022-2023VIII7/1/2022Couse Outcomes