Maturi Venkata Subba Rao (MVSR) Engineering College

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Name : Mohammed Abdul Azeem
Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification(s) : M.Tech,(Ph.D)
Email :
Area(s) of Interest : Algorithms,Data Structures,ComputerNetworks,Wireless Sensor Adhoc Networks,Network Security,Information Security.
Subject(s) taught at UG level : PPS,CPPS,Data Structures,Programming Languages,C,C++,Java,COBOL,Internet & Intranet,Visual Programming,Computer organization,Advanced Computer Architecture,Data Communication, Computer Networks,Mobile Computing,Design & Analysis of Algorithms,Operating Systems,OOSD,UML,PPL,Information Security,Distributed Systems Lab
Subject(s) taught at PG level : Advanced Algorithms,Network Security,Distributed Computing,ADS
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